Laura DeMaio Roy


United States of America



One on one consult for training issues, or lessons in everything from basic obedience and manners to trick training and problem solving. Get your training unstuck! Includes pre-consult video viewing when you send Laura a 5 minute video of any issues you are having.
60 mins
Puppy Primer includes customized lesson in potty training, chewing, nipping, body handling, the 4 components of a healthy dog, and basic intro to positive reinforcement training. Get your puppy started right before you run into problems! Also an excellent, pre-adoption puppy session. Be ready for your puppy to arrive and feel confident that you have a plan in place!
75 mins
Follow-up sessions can be booked after your initial Private Consultation. Five minute video can be submitted for review before the session.
45 mins
Is a service dog right for you?
Not sure what is involved in an owner-trained service dog?
What is required? Where can you go? What is public access training? What are the laws?
What is required as far as time and money invested?

This 45 minute training session will answer all of your questions while pointing you in the direction of resources needed. We will also talk about what characteristics make for a good service dog, and what might disqualify a potential candidate. Get help from a trainer with years of service dog experience.
45 mins